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Auto Kanlis
Car Workshop - Body Shop - Paint Shop - Spare Parts - Car Sales - Acharnes Attica

The Auto Kanlis car repair shop, based in Acharnes Attica, is a family business that has been offering high quality services in the automotive industry since 1980. With long-term experience and expertise, the repair shop provides complete solutions for body shops, paint shops, as well as used car sales with the possibility of lending.


  • Body shop: We deal with all kinds of damage to the body of your car, restoring it to its original condition using advanced technologies and high-quality materials.
  • Paint Shop: We provide painting services that ensure the perfect appearance of your car, using eco-friendly paints and modern techniques for durability and aesthetics.
  • Used Car Sales: We offer a wide range of reliable used vehicles. We also provide a loan facility for the market, ensuring convenience and financial flexibility for our customers.

Service areas
Our services are addressed to the whole of Attica, ensuring easy access and immediate service to all our customers.




What sets us apart from the competition

  • Family business: Our personal dedication and the friendly environment we create allow us to always be by the customer's side.
  • Replacement vehicle: We provide the possibility of granting a replacement vehicle during repairs, ensuring the uninterrupted mobility of our customers.
  • Loans: We offer loans even in cases of impossibility of repair, providing solutions for every need.
  • Cooperation with insurance companies: We manage all procedures in cooperation with insurance companies, without any involvement of the client, thus simplifying the entire compensation process.

Auto Kanlis continues to offer reliable and specialized services with a focus on quality and customer service.


We are waiting for you to get to know us up close and discover the solutions we can offer you for your car.